Sunday, December 14, 2008

Teacher Gifts

Every year I wonder what to give my kids' teachers for Christmas. I don't want to get them some little trinket that will inevitably clutter their classroom/closet/house. So it's usually a stress coming up with something.
Here's what the kids are giving their teachers this year:
Chocolate Covered Giant Pretzels (I had you at chocolate...I know.)

It was totally son #2's idea. He went shopping with me to buy the stuff we needed, then tonight he dipped and sprinkled and drizzled like a champ! We tried really hard not to lick our fingers and I think we were successful. They should be safe to eat!
I think the teachers will like them!

P.S. We have lots of dipping chocolate left. We've been brainstorming other things we could try dipped in chocolate. I heard Kristina over at Pulsipher Predilictions likes chocolate covered bacon. Hmmmmm.... Chacon anyone?


Vanessa said...

I wish I was teaching again so I could score some of those!

Kristina P. said...

It's good!!! :)

Those actually look better, however.

Vennesa said...

Get out your Pampered Chef cookie press. We made cookies Saturday and dipped them (not completely, just 1 side) in chocolate. Then we sprinkled the chocolate w/ peppermint flavored candy sprinkles. Delish!

tiburon said...

Ooooo that looks delish. Did I mention that I am teaching at their school now?

Don't forget mine!!! ;)