Thursday, December 18, 2008

Look what came in the mail

Last Saturday I received a lovely present in the mail!
A few weeks ago I joined in Tiburon's ornament swap and my new blogging bff Shelley sent me some love!

Hmmmmm....looks kinda cold out. I think I'll send a kid to get the mail today.

A present?.....for me? You shouldn't have. (But I'm glad you did.)

I can hardly wait! (patience is NOT one of my virtues)

Bubbles! Enough for everyone! (That's really all they care about. Go, go! Leave me to my presents!)

A very nice card.....and......two BEAUTIFUL ornaments! They each have a nativity scene inside. I LOVE them!

And although my photo is a little blurry, can you see that this one is a music box? How cool is that?!? It plays "Away in a Manger". In fact, I'm listening to it right now.

I know they are technically "ornaments" and that means you're supposed to put them on the tree. But they are so lovely that I'm putting them with my Nativity Collection!

Thank you Shelley! I think this was meant to be!


Shelley said...

Awesome! I'm so so glad you love them! It was fun shopping for them for you! I totally loved them so I'm glad you do too! Yay!

I keep meaning to post about your ornaments too. I'm just more of a slacking procrastinator than you are I think!

Merry Christmas!

PS I'm glad the kids loved the bubble wrap! I was so worried the ornaments would break! SO glad they didn't!

tiburon said...

They are GORGEOUS!! Shelley kicked some bootay with that one.

Well done!!

Thanks for posting about it too - I am adding you to the sidebar :)

Kristina P. said...

Those are so nice!

I haven't received mine yet, and I just sent mine yesterday. Hope it gets to her in one piece!

: ) Paula said...

Followed a link from my sister's blog. That girl loves the bubble wrap--I'm surprised she parted with so much of it! And the ornaments you sent her are gorgeous!