Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Wall

My husband and sons spent 2 days building a wall.
It's for an activity at "Zion's Camp" (a church camp for 16-18yr old boys).
They say it's supposed to teach team work.
You see, there's no physical way to get up the front of the wall without help.

It also helps if you are a monkey.

And you have to freak your mom out by doing tricks once you get to the top.

Did I mention it is HUGE?

Now could you get the blasted thing out of my front yard before one of the neighbor kids climbs up there and falls off? (I have homeowners insurance, but it's not THAT good.)

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Vanessa said...

Thats one heavy duty wall!

I could never get over those things, being the big girl and all.

Vennesa said...

before one of the neighbor kids climbs up and falls off or one of your sisters comes over and paints it pink.
By the way, how does it not fall forward?

Melissa said...

Okay, this is way too cool. our family did this activity at the Heber Valley Girls campground and it's learning lessons are COOL! But yeah, get it off your front lawn.... I smell someone lookin to sue.

Sher said...

Wow, that IS huge! Looks like fun, too!

Me said...

I think HUGE is an understatement!

Amber said...

That is ginormous!

SO said...

Holy tall wall batman! But what a cool activity. I would love that.

tiburon said...

Ooooo I know who to call when I need a wall built!