Saturday, October 11, 2008

Was That My "Out-Loud" Voice?

Gotta give credit to Tiburon for this idea! I won't steal her awesome picture and I'm giving it a different title. So here goes...

Was That My Out Loud Voice?

1. Ya think!!?!!

2. Shut-up or you're getting out. And I'm not slowing down.

3. This new prescription smells an awful lot like skunk!

4. I want to shoot that donkey...stupid useless creature.

5. Nice blinker butt-head!

6. We DON'T say butt-hole!

7. It's not a fashion's a dead moose.

8. I heard you get up early this morning and I felt a little pang of guilt...I hurried and went back to sleep so it would go away.

These next two are courtesey of my 4 year old.

9. Holy Hotness Batman!

10. I just opened it up and it fell out!...What's YOUR problem?!

1 comment:

Tiburon said...

LOVE IT! So fun to see others playing along :)

I think I said #1 and #6 a few times myself...