Friday, October 10, 2008

Sweet Tooth

What's your opinion on the "Year Round School-Track System"?

Personally I like it!
During our track break we took a little fieldtrip to the "Sweets" Candy Factory! The tours are free and VERY well done! They like you to call ahead and they give you a time-slot. They ask everyone to put on a lunchlady hairnet and even provide the strollers for the young-uns.
We had a very nice/knowledgable tour guide (I think my kids were hoping for an oompa-loompa) who gave us samples at almost every stop along the way! I couldn't believe the amount of sugar in that place! They actually have a pipe system that brings it to all of the kitchens! (Could I get one of those please!!! Hot water....cold water...pure sugar!)

At the end of the tour they give everyone a free bag of taffy and set you loose in the "candy outlet store". By the time we got home we were definately on a sugar high...

I highly recommend this tour! (and yes, exactly half of those kids up there are mine!)


Jaime said...

I love candy tours! I remember as a kid going to the M&M factory and after eating quite a few found out that they are NOT free. Good times!

Tiburon said...

Uhhhh no clue you could do this.!