Tuesday, October 7, 2008


7 Random Facts

1. I don't usually "do" tags. I even cut them out of my shirts.

2. I have a dog, but I'd rather have a cat.

3. I've lived in Utah my whole life and never been skiing/snowboarding...but my boys snowboard.

4. We built this house nearly 10 years ago and I still have boxes in my basement that I haven't unpacked. Outta sight....outta mind!

5. I was a HUGE tease as a kid. I tormented my sisters mercilessly. I think they have since forgiven me because we are all great friends. They may need therapy because of me. But I hope not. Cause I really like them....now.

6. I like to spread Raspberry Jam on my Grilled Cheese sandwich. It's not gross....I promise...just try it!

7. Growing up, I lived by the railroad tracks. We used to sneak under the fence and duct tape pennies to the train tracks. Then after the train passed we'd go searching for them. We usually found them, although they were a little sticky from the melted tape.
I would kill my kids if they EVER tried this. Do you hear me kids!?! Don't even THINK about it!!!

Since I really don't "do" tags. Feel free to tag yourself.


Jaime said...

I second the grilled cheese and jam! Its gooood! Also I like to put it on cheese quesadillas cooked in a frying pan.
Also as a sister I second the teasing sister comment. Many nights crying myself to sleep. Jk I was too young to remember. Love you sis!

Jeff and Melina Burgess said...

I love jam on grilled cheese and quesadillas as well! Maybe its an extended family thing as well!