Saturday, April 11, 2009


My sister and I went to WICKED on Friday night. It was fantastic! Actually the whole evening was fantastic!
We had dinner at PF Chang's in Salt Lake. The food was delicious!
We laughed our heads off and made inside jokes that no one else understands.

We visited with the waiter/busboy who took our picture. "Say queso!" that's what he told us! (No clue who he is. Very friendly though. Told us about his wife. Probably worried that we might get our hopes up.)

(See that big group in the booth behind us? They were also going to see Wicked.)

Once we arrived at the theatre we bought some candy at the little snack place. They were advertised as "Chocolate Toffee Caramel Bites" or something to that effect. Vennesa called them "Rich Mans Milk Duds" which is pretty much what they were. Pricey, but yummy. We got to our seats and realized we had a perfect view of the stage thanks to Peterson Tix(a.k.a. my neighbors).

I really don't know how to describe the show. I was totally enthralled! My favorite was Donna Vivino who played Elphaba. She was amazing! Gave me chills! Every once in a while I had to reach up with my hand and shut my mouth because my jaw was hanging open.
I've loved the music from wicked for a few years now, and seeing it done live did NOT disappoint! The whole night was awesome. And there's no one I would have rather gone with than my sister! Love ya sis!

P.S. I'm pretty sure she won the limbo contest.


Vennesa said...

Good Times! So glad you had your camera there for the limbo.

Kristina P. said...

Ummmm, so I didn't realize that Venessa was your sister, and now, it makes so much sense.

Glad you had a great time!

Vanessa said...

You two girls are pretty crazy! We could totally hang.

Glad you had fuN!

Franklin Times said...

100% jealous! That sounds so fun... I really want to see that. How great to go with your sis too!

5 cute kids said...

I told you that you would love it. I am so happy you did. I would have hated to hyped it up too much for you!:)

Melissa said...

Crap! I am so jealous of the Wicked! Seems everyone's got a ticket but me!
Looks like you had a blast, and love the PF Chang's HELLO!!

Sher said...

I'm so jealous I could cry.

AS Amber said...

Freaking jealous as H! And ya...there's NO QUESTION you two are sisters. I had to look close to see which one was you. I still don't know if I'm right!

LOVE my sisters. And I have one that looks just like me. LOVE that, too!

tammy said...

Totally jealous! But I just found out they're coming here in July. Wonder if I can get anyone to go with me?

tiburon said...

I am beyond jealous. I had tickets to go on Broadway in December and then we canceled them :(

No Wicked for Tib :(