Sunday, March 8, 2009

Your personal tour of the Utah State Capitol Building

The Capitol Building which originally opened in 1916 was closed in 2004 for a 4 year renovation. The original cost of the building was $2.7 million. This most recent renovation cost somethwere in the neighborhood of $310 million. That's a LOT of granite and marble! On Feb 27 I went down to the State Capitol for PTA Day at the Legislature. I am on the PTA Board at our Elementary, but I am the Secretary (not the Legislative person) so really I went for my own curiosity. (The last time I was there was 17 years ago and well before the renovation.) I'm so glad I went and lucky for you I took along my camera!

This is the Governer's Office.

He was out that day because of Larry H. Miller's funeral.

This is the state Reception Room. It is better known as the "Gold Room" (Gee, I wonder why?) This is where they have important state functions and meetings.

It is decorated with Scottish, French, Russian and English turn-of-the-century period pieces and many of the moldings are covered in gold leaf.

This is the House of Representatives. There are 75 Representatives in the House. (This is the only picture I didn't take. I had to go search and I found it on

You'll notice that there are seats way up top for all of us common-folk. This is called the Gallery.

Now we move on to the Senate. This desk is for the President of the Senate.

The Senate also has a Gallery.

There are 29 Senators in the Utah State Senate.

That's my Senator in the back on the left talking to some lady. Pay attention, Mr. Senator!

After our tour and some meetings, the PTA provided lunch for us. The tables were set up in the Rotunda (right below the big round dome). The seating assignments were such that we were able to sit with our local Senators and Representatives. It was nice to meet them face to face.
FYI: This is also where my graduating class held our Senior Cotillion. I sang the theme song at that dance (many moons ago). The acoustics in that building are COOL! But I digress.

This really is a beautiful building full of history and fascinating stories. I'd love to go back and have a more extensive tour. You should too!


Kristina P. said...

You know, I don't think I've ever taken a tour of the capitol building.

SO said...

What a cool tour. And I think cotillion is such a cool word. I was at the blog lunch but didn't get a chance to chat with you!

Vanessa said...

I feel like I was right there with you.

Do you have a recording of that song you sang? You should totally post it on your blog :)

Amber said...

Cool! I need to take my kids down there for a tour next track break. I think they'd like it and I could sneak in some education.

tammy said...

Thanks for that guided tour. I've only ever been in the rotunda. Well, and the bathroom. We had our senior prom there too. But I didn't sing, which is a very very good thing.

Melissa said...

Great post! I am excited to go back there after the renovation. That is where Prom is and since the Tuffster is a junior, will be promenading. I'm glad they let us camera toting Mama's come take pics!

Omgirl said...

Pretty cool. I've never actually been in that building. It's very ornate!

Stacy said... I can totally skip that field trip when it rolls around. Thanks!!!!

tiburon said...

That is loverly. I have never been - but I love government stuff ;)