Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Answer Is....

I have a slightly fuzzy recollection of sitting at a Girls Camp Planning (or maybe it was certification) meeting. I was probably 13 or 14 yrs old. While we were waiting for the meeting to start one of the Stake Priesthood Leaders (a big burly mountainman sort of guy) went to the chalkboard and wrote this:


He challenged us to figure it out. I couldn't. But I've never forgotten it. You see, my brain is pretty much full of useless information. Yes, that's me, a font of useless information. ...where were we? Oh, yah, so although this riddle may not have anything at all to do with actually attending girls camp I've always associated it with girls camp in my cluttered brain.

What's the answer you say?
Well you have to say it in your best mountain man voice:

MR BARS = Them are bears ("bars")
MR NOT BARS = Them are not bars.
OSMR = Oh, yes them are!
CM CLAWS = See them claws?
NDEDBD IS = And the itty bitty eyes?
OICM = Oh, I see 'em!
MR BARS = Them are bars!

Okay, so for those of you who spent a lot of time on this one, I'm sorry. Pretty corny, huh? But those are the sort of things that stick in my head. It's a curse.


Stacy said...

LOL!!!!!! That's good stuff right there. This is why I watch Nascar.

Melissa said...

This is EXACTLY why I dig you.

Now I am feeling very fulfilled and ready to take on this Wednesday. I know the secret code and I will be a HIT at girls camp.


Me said...

Too funny! Thanks for giving us the answers..other than OICM..I would have never known what we were talking about!

SO said...

Yay! I now the itty bitty eyes!

Vanessa said...

I'm so confused right now.

tiburon said...

I knew that not going to girls camp was going to bite me in the ass one day.

Clearly I need to be called to Young Women's STAT.

Bummer that I joined the church at 22 - and missed out on this stuff...

Shelley~Maren said...

My favorite is DEDBD part any time anyone says iddy biddy, it makes me giggle. :)

Omgirl said...

I am SO glad you gave the answer. Because I never would have figured that out in a bajillion years. EVER.