Friday, March 6, 2009

Blogger Lunch! (Yah, I know. You've already heard about it.)

(Tiburon, Me, Sher)

A few weekends ago I had the chance to go to lunch with some of the people I stalk my friends. Kudos to Kristina over at Pulsipher Predilections who planned the whole thing! I was so excited to go, but a little scared to go alone. So I put on my Unibomber sunglasses and my hooded sweatshirt and I sent an email to Sher. In the email I did my best to convince her that although we'd never met, we should definately carpool together. Lucky for me, she trusted me enough to let me come to her house the next day and pick her up. We instantly hit it off and the drive to Draper just flew by.

(Kristina, Amber, Arianne, Melissa)

We arrived at the resturaunt along with 38 other blogging women. Everyone I met was so....normal! I especially loved sitting by Vanessa, Tiburon, Melissa, Arianne & of course the lovely Sher! These women are beautiful, talented, hilarious and sarcastic! (Pretty much everything I look for in a friend.) And Vanessa and I decided that we are pretty much soul mates and the universe was just waiting for a chance to get us together.

(Vanessa, Me, Sher)

(Melissa, Martha, Sheila, Tiburon, Vanessa)

Before we left for home, Sher and I took advantage of Kristina & her Snuggie for a photo op. Thanks Kristina for a lovely Meet & Greet!


tiburon said...

It was sooo fun. And I totally sat next to the coolest person there.


Vanessa said...

You are right. We are pretty much soul mates. And I can't wait to try out the Burger Bar in Roy. You will have to accompany us.

Stacy said...

we need to do another one because I didn't join the stalker society until after.

Kristina P. said...

I love that last Snuggie picture! So fun! And you are simply adorable.

I am thinking about maybe shooting for May or June for another one.

Sher said...

Ugh. I officialy do not like your camera. All of those pictures of me are bad...
but I loved meeting you! Thanks for letting me hitch a ride with you.
We'll have to do it again sometime soon!

Stacy said...

What fun!!! Those pictures are great. Isn't it fun to meet those personalities behind the blogs??? BTW - I love reading your blog and word to your mother. I don't know if you know her or not, but she writes some pretty hilarious stuff. Glad you're back - but I found the "Blog Interrupted" picture pretty funny!

Omgirl said...

Um, no, sweetie, I was across the table from you.

veronica said...

Of course I know you were ACROSS from me! You suggested the yummy, and very large, honey chicken sandwich that I ordered!
I was just playing favorites and of course you made the list!:)

Amber said...

So sad I didn't make the list of cool people you met. (sad face)

I may pick my self esteem up off the floor and deal with it eventually.

So fun to see you at school today!