Friday, February 6, 2009

Something's Wrong Here

Here's a comparison picture of Son #2's wrist after his snowboarding "incident". Yeah. Definitely a problem. The swelling is even worse now than it was when that picture was taken. The doctor is concerned about the growth plate.
We get to go visit the orthopedic surgeon on Monday. In the meantime he looks like this:


MicheLLe said...

Pretty nasty!

Ash said...

Adam at the doctor? no way!!!! let me know if you need any help while you go, Easty and Josie can come over!

tiburon said...

OOoooo poor guy! I hope everything is okay!

Omgirl said...

Ouchie! And I should know. I had a snowboarding incident myself and broke my radius into several pieces. A metal plate and 7 screws later, I'm good as new! I hope he feels better.

And I just had to tell you, that story about the Gatorade valentines cracked me up!!! Thanks for sharing that.