Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Favorite Handy Man

Remember a few weeks ago when I listed some of the things that I love about my husband?
One of the items on the list was: "He can build just about anything".
He really is a talented guy. And it's a good thing because being that it was January and all, I decided to set some goals for 2009.
One of which is to get our food storage built up to where it should be. When he built our home, he outfitted the storage area (under the porch) with awesome custom shelves which I promtly filled with large amounts of "stuff". Mostly boxes of clothes labeled for the next kid in line and holiday decorations. But what it amounted to was a lack of storage space for food! If I'm going to make sure we have food storage I've gotta have someplace to keep it. I needed more shelves!

Strange how my goals neccesitate work on his part.
But this past weekend he got tired of listening to me nag jumped at the chance to make me happy and set to work!
Voila! A few short hours later we have new shelves! He knows how to make my heart go pitter-pat.
Now that the decorations have a new home, I will have plenty of space for food storage. I'll post some pictures of the food storage area once I move it all in. I'm a woman on a mission!


Vanessa said...

He is welcome at my house to do the same thing. Or maybe he can give a tutorial to all the blog husbands on how to complete such a great project!

Shauna said...

What a great post! Sorry I haven't been by for a few work has been crazy busy! I am now following your blog! ♥ Hugs :)

Omgirl said...

I was just remarking to my sister in law today how glad I am (and she is) that we have husbands who are handy around the house. Not much trumps that in a husband, in my opinion. Yay for your shelves!

tiburon said...

He is a keeper for sure! Well done!