Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

These are heart pillows. Not just heart shaped pillows. They are "Heart Pillows". You see, we have a tradition at our house that from February 1-14th if you clean your room, make your bed and set out your Heart Pillow, mom will put a treat inside. The kids LOVE it! As soon as they come in the door after school they race to their rooms to see what's in the pocket of their Heart Pillow. (Even the big kids!)

My mom started this tradition when I was little. We always looked forward to February because we knew it meant heart pillow time. The biggest and best treat always came on Valentines day (usually a box of chocolates) but every day was a new surprise. The pillow above is the one she made for me 30-something years ago. It now belongs to my daughter.

Up until now my youngest hasn't had his own pillow and he really didn't care. Frankly, he was more concerned about the candy than the delivery method. But this year he noticed. So I took him to the fabric store so we could make his heart pillow. (I really like going to the fabric store. I love the sound that the scissors make as the lady cuts the fabric using the groove in the table as a guide. Am I crazy?)
Anyway, I told him he could pick out any fabric he wanted. Right off the bat he spotted this Matchbox Rescue Vehicles fabric and there was no changing his mind. So we bought enough to make him a pillow case as well.

I think my mom is still doing "Heart Pillows" for my youngest sister. She's in college and doesn't live at home, but the other day she saw my kids' heart pillows at my house and said, "Hey! What day is it? I'm missing heart pillows!"
So Mom, if you read this, she hasn't forgotten!

Happy Valentines Day!

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MicheLLe said...

I mean to do this every year, but every year February firat sneaks up on me. I should atleast make the heart pillows this year.