Friday, September 26, 2008

"Welcome to Chase"

Washington Mutual was taken over by the Federal Government last night at 5:43pm. I believe they created a new entity keeping all the bad mortgage portfolios and selling off the rest of the company to JP Morgan Chase. It seems a little fishy to me due to all the pressure that Chase was putting on the Feds. But hey, what do I know?
Chase plans to eventually close about 400 branches (10% of the new combined total of the 2 companies) once they've researched where their branches overlap ours. The closest Chase Bank to KJ's branch is a few miles away. But he is still in a crappy location due to Road construction and the fact that he is in a strip mall. Not sure what this means for our financial well-being. Who knows! Its just a little stressful.

I have found that drowning your stresses in "Oreo Overload" from Cold Stone Creamery feels good at the moment and then comes back to bite you later. Oh well. Live and learn!


Jacque said...

Oreos do make it all better though, huh. Your blog looks cute, love the autumn leaves.

MicheLLe said...

Mmmm. Oreos!!! :)

veronica said...

I worried that some of the leaves looked suspiciously like

Mindi said...

i like to self-medicate when i'm stressed with large amounts of food AND diet dr. pepper. it's better than the marijuana.

hold on! things will get better (i hope)