Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Once Upon A Time

Not long ago in place not far away, I had a little surgery. All went well (really it didn't, but it's all good now, so for the sake of time I won't get into it) and the nice doctor gave me nice pain meds and they made me feel...well, nice! I spent the next 8 weeks hopped up on painkillers. Now, I found out later that I talk alot when I am high on drugs. I also give "too much information", or so my sisters say. Anyway, in hindsight it's easy for me to understand now, why I ended up with a room in my house painted purpley red, lite yellow and baby-poop green. Yes, all those colors on the walls of ONE very small room! Blame it on the drugs, blame it on hormones, (or the lack thereof), but I decided that I needed a project to occupy my time during my recovery and that poor office got the brunt of my ill-conceived plans to redecorate. (I'm just glad it wasn't my family room, where everyone would see it.) Why did no one stop me? Did they try and I just don't remember? Or did they just secretly mock me while I painted each wall a different color? I don't know why it happened, just that it DID! And as Rafiki told Simba as he wacked him on the head..."it doesn't mattah, its in da past!"
So, for the second time in 18 months I am repainting that room. I am hormonally balanced (my husband would argue with me on that one) and drug free (unless you count caffine) and I think I'll get it right this time!
Stay tuned for photos......

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