Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oh, Yes I Did

I totally wore this awesome skirt to church today. It was a great find and it's really comfortable!
Now excuse me while I go snuggle the little boy lurking in that picture.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Did your grandma make this?

Did your grandma make this? If she did, tell her I really like it.

I can only imagine the hours of love she must have put into it. The places she wore it. The nice compliments she must have received. The stories it could tell.

I'm oh so glad she finally decided to part with it. And that it happened to cross my path. Because I really like it. And I'm going to wear it. It makes me happy.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I bought this book on Amazon last week. They had me with the title. So clever! It's written by Jacob Morgan and Joshua Peters and is described as a "crash course in social media".
Because I am a Virtual Assistant, and because many of my clients could benefit from using social media to market their business, I have been learning everything I can on the subject.
I'm only half-way through the book so I will give you a full review when I finish. But so far, I have really enjoyed it. Mostly because I'm a geek, but also because the authors are real people and it's written in a friendly conversational style. It was a little slow at the start, but they really caught my attention when they mentioned that they KNOW social media works, because they wrote a book together and they have NEVER met in person! That intrigues me.
Nobody is paying me for a review of this book because frankly, no one cares what I think. So if I hate it, I'll tell you. If I continue to enjoy it, I'll share that too.
Now, if I can just find my highlighter I can get back to reading. See, I told you I was a geek.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dinner: FAIL


I forgot to put the chicken in the crockpot this morning. It didn't even cross my mind until about 5:00pm. I had a little panic moment when I thought about dinner.
Never fear, I have a huge bag of blueberries in my freezer. And two more in the deep freeze downstairs. So I pulled one out and we had blueberry muffins AND blueberry pancakes for dinner.

We are all feeling a little like this:

We may all have to be rolled to our beds tonight. And juiced...oh my goodness!

I don't really like blueberries.

Tomorrow I'm going to plan a little better.

BTW: Does anyone besides me think that the Johnny Depp version of Willy Wonka is a tad creepy? Give me Gene Wilder any day.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Captain Obvious Takes on Epson

Last night while working in my office I ran out of black ink in my printer. I knew it was getting low, but I was trying to eek out those last little drops before spending money on a new cartridge.
It was finally over. Nothing left. Zilch. Zip. Nada. Blank pages spewing forth from my Epson.

I went online and found the best deal on "genuine" Epson Ink Cartridges (which at the time was from Epson itself) and placed my order.

No problems with the order. Everything went smoothly and my ink is on it's way to my door. WITH free shipping, I might add.

But when I got my order confirmation I saw this:

Order Confirmed
Here is your confirmation #WX-26785400100
You may want to print this page for your records.


I may WANT to print it, but I CAN'T! Hence my order.

Thank you Captain Obvious!

Note: Yes, I know that little message comes up every time. But it was particularly frustrating THIS time.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Resolution Shmezolution

I can't believe it's already 2010. What happened to Christmas? How did I miss New Year's Eve? Ok, I didn't miss them, but they sure whizzed by. Now I find myself at the beginning of the first full week in the new year.

Feels like a new beginning of sorts. Apparently it feels that way to alot of people. I laughed hard when a facebook friend posted this notice:

Hey! Heads up to all you people who think you are going to start working out this year. Do not show up and take my treadmill at the gym if you are only going to quit after two weeks. It just pisses me off. Stay home where you belong. I've got to get my workout in, and I'm actually serious about mine!

You GO Lisa! Exercise is a biggie for resolutions and I guess church is too.
We were a *teensy* bit late for Sacrament Meeting today and ended up sitting on the VERY back row of the VERY last over-flow. Maybe I should resolve to be on time to church. No, that's not gonna happen. (Not even with the 1:00pm block time.)

Honestly, I'm not real big on New Year's Resolutions. Maybe it's because I always have something that I'm working on. I will admit that during the course of each year I try and do at least one thing that scares me.
For example in the past I have:
*had a kid
*sung the National Anthem at a basketball game
*had a kid
*directed a beauty pageant
*had another kid
*signed up to do kitchen show home parties
*finally had a girl this time...yeah, we can be done!
*gone on a Pioneer Trek
*W.T.H another kid?
*signed up to sell cosmetics
*had a hysterectomy
*recruited a team of consultants and earned a free car
*decided that although I like to attend them, I'm not really that keen on throwing parties. So I sent back the free car (No, they didn't come repo it. I called THEM.)
*started "Virtual Assisting" company.

*Warning* Side-trip (side-trips are my specialty)
That last one was just last year and it has really taken off. I love my job. I love that I only have to depend on (aka babysit) me. Maybe someday I will have some employees, but for now I am thrilled with how things are going.

What is a Virtual Assistant you say?

I found this definition online:
A virtual assistant, or VA, is a highly skilled professional who provides administrative support and other specialized services to businesses and entrepreneurs, executives, sales professionals, and others who have more work to do than time to do it. Most work from their own home.

That’s the official definition, but for me, I stay busy with: data entry, computer file maintenance, graphic design (newsletters, flyers, postcards, brochures), mailings, sales tracking, email handling, website maintenance and in-office organization assistance. All of which are right up my alley.
*side trip over*

So this year, I need something to shoot for.....something that scares me, but won’t take up too much time. If it’s time consuming then my blogging suffers. I mean it.
And by the way, I will NOT be giving birth this year or ever again, (5 is my limit) so that is out. But other than that I am open to suggestions.

Do YOU like New Year's Resolutions? If so, what are yours? What big, scary, awesome, difficult, amazing, wonderful, fun things do YOU have planned for 2010?