Saturday, January 9, 2010

Captain Obvious Takes on Epson

Last night while working in my office I ran out of black ink in my printer. I knew it was getting low, but I was trying to eek out those last little drops before spending money on a new cartridge.
It was finally over. Nothing left. Zilch. Zip. Nada. Blank pages spewing forth from my Epson.

I went online and found the best deal on "genuine" Epson Ink Cartridges (which at the time was from Epson itself) and placed my order.

No problems with the order. Everything went smoothly and my ink is on it's way to my door. WITH free shipping, I might add.

But when I got my order confirmation I saw this:

Order Confirmed
Here is your confirmation #WX-26785400100
You may want to print this page for your records.


I may WANT to print it, but I CAN'T! Hence my order.

Thank you Captain Obvious!

Note: Yes, I know that little message comes up every time. But it was particularly frustrating THIS time.


Vennesa said...

LOL! This one's good.

Sher said...

Here's Your Sign.

tammy said...

Ha ha! That was funny. And yes, frustrating. The same thing kind of happened to me when my laptop would not hook up to my printer and I needed to print the page that would only open on my laptop. I finally took a screen shot of it so I'd have it saved to print out later. (But first I had to learn how to take a screen shot)

M-Cat said...

And very frustrating.....

Jacque said...

Love the picture, too funny.

tiburon said...

Heheh that cracked me up!

I love it!
*Can't wait to see you on Saturday. It has been too long :)*