Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cleaning your room?

I can't send my 4 year old in to clean his room alone. Nothing gets done. So I usually send one of "the brothers" (that's what he calls them) to help him. 99% of the time the room gets at least semi-cleaned. But there are usually distractions along the way and it takes them a really long time to finish.

These distractions often end in fighting and someone gets in trouble.
But sometimes my kids are just plain weird and it's just too funny to get mad.

Frankly I'm surprised (and grateful) they didn't tie him to the bed and leave him there.
What's a mom to do?


Kristina P. said...

Your house looks like a fun, delightful place! Love his horn hat.

Vanessa said...

Why must it be so difficult for them to clean their room??? I have to sit in there and tell my 4 year old each toy to pick up!!

tiburon said...

Oh man - that is my kind of kid! We would sooooo get along :)

Mindi said...

the outfit: PRICELESS.