Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"Here fishy, fishy......"

First off, if you can tell me where the line for the title of this post came from then you can be in my club! (I don't really have a club, but leave a comment if you know the answer!)

Next, comes a "shout-out" to Rach...
Happy Birthday!
The party was so much fun!

Monday night we went to the Royal AC and had a great time swimming, sliding, eating hot-dogs, cake, icecream, twinkies, cupcakes and drinking capri-suns. (Later we all crashed from the sugar high.) No really, it was a great time! Here are some photos:

Thanks Jac for a great party! I'm afraid we've all come to think of it as a tradition, so we're already looking forward to next year!

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veronica said...

Hello! It's from Sesame Street! Ernie says it while fishing!