Monday, August 18, 2008


No, they didn't do this to their brother! He did this ALL on his OWN!

Well, football season has officially begun. That means a lot of time at the ball park....oh wait, that's where we were all spring and summer, so really it's the same old, same old. Anyway, EZ went with Dad and "the brothers" to practice and when he came home he looked like this (see photo).

NOT good! He was standing on the platform of the "big toy" at the playground and he announced that he was going to jump through the bars that form a bridge/ladder that you are SUPPOSED to climb up. Well as you can see, it was not successful! This happened about 10 days ago, so he is looking much better now. I bet he won't try that again any time soon!


MicheLLe said...

So sad. You need to post a picture of him now so we can see how he's healing! Poor kid!

Jacque said...

Yeah, how is he? Can he breathe through his nose now?