Friday, May 28, 2010

Sassy Sccops!

Meet The Sassies!

This group of fun, fabulous and yes, SASSY women are all about
supporting local businesses,
strengthening the community
and making connections! 

I can tell you from personal experience that these ladies also throw a great party!

You must go hear what they have to say.   From Acupuncture to Red Velvet Cake they'll give you the scoop on the best local places to shop!

Click on over and meet more than just their feet!


AS Amber said...

I loved hanging with you this weekend!! You're so much fun! We for sure need to get together more often!

Love you tons!

Oh sorry. I forgot to comment about this post. Ummm...oh! I really love those Sassy girls! They're so cute & funny!

There we go!

Kalli Ko said...


I think you're cute and I'm glad we have a "V" in common, thanks for being willing to buy me a camera strap so we could save a few bucks. I'm such a tightwad...

Omgirl said...

I guess I'm dense...I don't really get what Sassy Scoops IS. ??? help!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hey, your voice is bee-U-tiful on the Sherri Shepherd song. LUB IT!

Fun to meet you this weekend. I am posting the photo of us tonight.

Sher said...

All of those girls are such amazing women.
When we had lunch with them at CBC I felt like I was sitting at the cool kids table.

annie valentine said...

You and Sher did a wonderful job on the song, BTW. And guess what? I've finally got a reader!